Public Awareness - Missing Persons

Report a Missing Person
The persons listed on this site have been missing for an extended period of time, and are considered to be "cold cases." If you believe you have information concerning any of these persons, please contact the Fort Smith Police/Criminal Investigations Division (479) 709-5116 or by e-mail at

Thank you for your help.

Missing Persons List
To view more information about the missing persons listed below, please click on the image or name of the missing person.

Missing Person - Anthony Ross Allen Missing Person - Gerald Bingham Missing Person - Verna Sue Hollingsworth Missing Person - No Image Available Missing Person - Junior Lee McCormick
Anthony Ross Allen   Gerald Bingham Verna Sue Hollingsworth Norma Alicia Luevana-Garcia Junior Lee McCormick

Missing Person - Lori Murchison Missing Person - Linda Louellen 'Lindy' Reynolds      
  Lori Murchison Linda Louellen 'Lindy' Reynolds