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Online Police Reporting System
Thank you for utilizing the Fort Smith Police Department Online Reporting System. If this is an Emergency please call 911. This online reporting system allows you to submit a provisional report and print a copy of the police report at no charge.

The Following Statements Must Be True
1. This is NOT an emergency.

2. This incident occurred within the city limits of Fort Smith, Arkansas.

3. You have a valid email address.

4. You have a contact phone number.

Filing a Report
If all the above statements are true, you may file a report online. If you disagree with any of the statements, your report cannot be submitted online. Please call the Fort Smith Police Department Information Desk at (479) 709-5000. If there are questions about your report, you will be contacted at the submitted phone number.

Remember to turn off all pop-up blocking software on your computer before filing an online report.

Filing a false police report is a crime. (A.C.A. 5-54-122. Filing false report with law enforcement agency.)

Report Form Submission
Using the Fort Smith Police Department Online Police Report System you are about to generate an Offense Online Report. Simply fill out the form below and enter all information in its entirety. Upon completing the form, click the 'Submit Report' button at the bottom of the form and a report containing the information you've provided will be created. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will be able to print this report.

An email address is mandatory to use the online reporting system. After completing and submitting an online report, you will be issued a police report case number that will be sent to the 'Contact Email Address' you provided. The report is not valid without a police report case number.

All cases filed using the online reporting system will be reviewed by police personnel. After the review, if further investigation is needed, you may be contacted.

File an Offense Report:
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Suspect Details:
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Note that if you have additional suspect descriptions, please add it to the narrative of the "Summary of Crime" section below.

Reporting Person Details (If Different From Victim):
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Sex:   Male   Female
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Stolen or Damaged Property Details:
 Type Property Description Estimated $ Value
Note that if more than three items were stolen or damaged, please add the description and dollar amount in the "Summary of Crime" section below.
Report Details:
   Summary of Crime:  
The summary of the crime should be detailed with as much information as possible with dates, times and locations. For example, if the crime is theft related, then describe stolen or damaged property in the summary and provide a complete description of the stolen or damaged property. Also provide an estimation of the cost of the damage or the cost of the stolen item. Provide any identifying numbers of stolen items, such as serial numbers.

Witness Details:
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By selecting this box, I certify that the submitted information is truthful and understand that it is a violation of Arkansas State Law (5-54-122) to file a false report with any law enforcement agency.