Narcotic Unit - Drug Activity

Drug Activity
The Narcotic Unit investigates a variety of illegal drug activities. In the event you observe activities that could be linked to illegal drug activity, you are encouraged to contact the Narcotics Detectives (479) 709-5103. If you wish to remain anonymous, you may contact CrimeStoppers at 78-CRIME (782-7463) and your information will be kept confidential.

Meth Lab Recognition and Awareness
In the event you smell a strong chemical odor in your neighborhood there is a possibility the odor may be related to the manufacture of illegal drugs. There are other "indicators" of the presence of a meth lab to watch for: multiple coffee filters with chemical stains, glass or plastic jars with chemicals separating into layers or containing chemical residue, broken open lithium battery casings, multiple empty containers of gas-line treatment, and multiple empty packages or blister packs from cold and allergy medications.

Business owners, in the event you observe people making large purchases of matches, Iodine, Ammonia or Muriatic Acid, the purchase may also be related to the manufacture of illegal drugs. In order to assist the Narcotics Investigators, first and foremost, BE SAFE. If you are able to obtain tag numbers and descriptions of vehicles as well as persons, this information will assist us during the investigation.

Signs of a Possible Meth Lab
The signs of a possible meth lab are:
  1. Stained coffee filters
  2. Empty pseudoephedrine blister packs
  3. * Strong solvent or ammonia odors
  4. Acetone
  5. Toluene
  6. Denatured alcohol
  7. Red Devil Lye
  8. * Red Phosphorous
  9. Lithium batteries
  10. * Anhydrous Ammonia
  11. Heet or gas-line treatments with methyl alcohol
  12. Drain cleaner with sulfuric acid
  13. * Heat source
  14. Glassware (beakers or mason jars)
  15. * Coffee grinder with white powder residue
  16. * Stained tubing
  17. Hypodermic syringes
  18. * Written recipes
* Items to be aware of but not in photo
Meth Lab Numbered Items

Click the following link to help determine if you have a Meth Lab in your neighborhood.

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